The Great Southern Sorcerer

Why DID you choose to be here?

The Great Southern Sorcerer

Welcome to the world of subtle energy transfer and enlightened understanding.


Take a few moments to understand the workings of a mind that has never completely submitted to the restraints of the physical realm that we can be immersed in, within this universe and upon this earth.

The imagination of the Sorcerer or Sorceress enables one to exist in two or more realities at once sometimes visiting other realms for healing or to be healed, to prove a point or to learn a lesson. The Sorcerer knows that, in the entirety of an infinite universe that lasts for all eternity, nothing is impossible, however improbable, yet the something that defines the nothingness can never encompass the emptiness of the infinite void.

The paradoxes encountered, when trying to comprehend the infinite universe from within a very finite body, will if given the oppourtunity to run wild and free, confuse and confound the Sorcerers ability to function and sustain the physical reality they are immersed in.

The key is to remember that the physical realm is merely a veil of illusion that allows immersion in experience to enrich the soul, that our true spirit extends into the infinite, endless, wonder of all of creation, remembering we have chosen to be in the here and now, and that against the span of eternity we are not here for very long at all, but can, once back on the other side, also return at and to any time we choose.